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Myshel - Royal Roar - Single Artwork.JPEG

Royal Roar

Myshel's newest single, inspired by Esther 4:14 and produced by Sam Hart, is ready to be downloaded and inspire your life!



Myshel's debut album producer by Grammy Award winner Mr. Talkbox is ready to be downloaded and inspire your life!

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the worship initiative VOL 23

Myshel joined incredible artists on The Worship Initiative Vol 23 album and is featured on multiple tracks. Download, listen, and be encouraged!

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Myshel Wilkins “In You”


Myshel is excited to release a video to her song "Rescue" produced by Grammy award winning Mr. Talkbox. Myshel wanted to gift this song to the world. They penned the song a few years ago and when the pandemic hit our world, this song deeply spoke to this moment! Myshel wanted to use it to bring hope and inspiration to display the unity of the selfless, serving, superheros from 19 States and 11 countries! She creatively used video clips that were sent in from around the world to help show those who may be feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and hopeless, that there is a superhero synergy happening all around us! "What I love about humanity is that, even when life is at our darkest, light always seems to find a way to pierce through with illuminating hope! After consistently hearing discouraging news about our worlds current state, I wanted to create a powerful visual that displayed the beautiful power of love and selflessness that was being displayed worldwide!" This song expresses the resilience of God's love and hope in the midst of struggle. Thanks to the power of God that enables us to do what we cannot on our own, we get to wear this power as our uniform and become real life superhero's poised to help save our communities, families and the world! We are so impressed with Superhero's as we watch them throw themselves into the unknown risking their own well being for the safety of others. It's our nurses, policemen and women, delivery person, grocery store worker, food back distributor, truck driver, the mom who is now homeschooling her kids, non-profits finding ways to get aid to starving communities in third world countries... and many more serving us from around the globe. We are blessed to have these superheros among us! They inspire us all and are worthy of our great gratitude!!! This project's goal was to put our real life heroes, from around the world on display. After hearing so much negative news, this video exudes the good news we all need to hear and see right now. Powerful hope unified from all over the world, They protect us, serve us and help us to heal... always coming to our RESCUE! This song is available for free download on Contact info: Contact: Michael 615-415-6995
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