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It's time to release a sound —
the sound of victory —
A Royal Roar!

For Such a Time as This

Esther 4:14


The Story Behind Royal Roar

In the heart of Nashville, producer Sam Hart and 2x Dove award-winning songwriter Krissy Nordhoff joined forces with the passionate Myshel to embark on a musical journey inspired by a divine vision. Myshel envisioned a powerful anthem that would ignite a flame within women, propelling them to step into their God-given identity and authority. The vision was clear – women flooding the streets with fire in their eyes, rising like Esther and Deborah for such a time as this, boldly confronting demonic agendas targeting our children, culture, and nation.

The result of this collaboration was the creation of "Royal Roar," a song that calls upon women not only to find their voice but to release a resounding roar that echoes across the nation.  


Myshel's desire was to declare, "Enough is enough," and to inspire a victorious advance against the challenges faced by our society. Remarkably, this anthem came to life eight months prior to Myshel discovering the Her Voice Movement, a powerful initiative led by Jenny Donnelly.


The Lord brought Myshel and Jenny together in October at the City Awakening Conference in Portland, OR, where both were keynote speakers. Myshel shared her song, and to their astonishment, Jenny found that "Royal Roar" perfectly resonated with the spirit of the Her Voice Movement.

In a divine twist of destiny, Jenny not only selected "Royal Roar" as one of the theme songs for the movement but also made a special appearance in the song's music video.


The song's timely message and the movement's mission aligned seamlessly, as Lou Engle and Jenny Donnelly mobilize one million women to converge on the Mall in Washington D.C.


Together, they are forging a path of empowerment, unity, and spiritual warfare, as the Royal Roar echoes triumphantly across the nation.


This is more than a song; it's a rallying cry for a generation of women to embrace their divine purpose and make a lasting impact on the world.

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Hear the Sound

Hear the sound of the Royal Roar. 

Ain't gonna back down no more. 

Raise Your Roar. Royal Roar. 

Royal RoarMyshel
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Written by Myshel Wilkins, Sam Hart, Krissy Nordhoff

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Watch The Visual

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Myshel's love and talent for singing has taken her across the world performing on stages of all sizes from a few to the bush of Africa to thousands in an auditorium in the States.  

Her musical career has taken her on some incredible journeys and she is excited to continually use this gift to HONOR GOD.



  • Performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York

  • Background vocals on Canadian tour with Dove Award winner Don Moen

  • Travels with Beth Moore's worship team for the Living Proof Conferences

  • Background vocals on Grammy Nominee, American Music Award winner and Billboard Music Award winner's Matthew West's Christmas Tour

  • Background vocal performances on multiple tours for Grammy Award winner TobyMac and Diverse City Band

  • Background vocals for Grammy Award winner Mandisa for 6 years

  • Collborated with Dove Award winner and Grammy Nominee Mr. Talkbox who produced Myshel's UNSTOPPABLE album

  • International event singer: Ghana, Trinidad, Tobago, El Salvador, Uganda, and Venezuela

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